About Us

A women's fine apparel brand for the refined, novel woman. The vision behind the brand is to establish timeless garments constructed from the must luxurious cuts of leather, suede, shearling, and fur. 


A youthful, on-trend, women’s line featuring an array of garments constructed from cuts of leather and suede. Utilizing a keen attention to detail, structure, and quality. A collection for the downtown woman. 


“The fashion shouldn’t wear you, You should wear the fashion.”

Sofia Wahlberg & Bradley Mounce have been crafting their joint aesthetic since their days at FIT. The duo strongly believes in keeping the lifestyle of who they design for in mind. Functionality and opulence are at the core of every construction. Fashion is made to live with the people and become an essential character in life. As a team, they have successfully built a powerful lifestyle brand in BAGATELLE.CITY. A line crafted for the sophisticated woman in power. During the design stages of BAGATELLE.CITY, they began to explore the life of the woman they design for. Questioning how she got to this level of poise, strength, and style – BAGATELLE.NYC was born. A youthful translation of their brainchild BAGATELLE.CITY and a collection for the downtown woman.

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